Billing Information

Payment Methods

We accept check, money order, wire transfer, PayPal, and, through PayPal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and eCheck. The Amazon Honor System may also be used. Contact us at if you wish to pay using check, money order, or wire transfer. Otherwise, payment should be made from the secure oneIgloo payment page (accessible to customers only).

Payments made using checks or money orders must be in US dollars, drawn on a US bank or branch.

You are not locked into any particular payment method. For example, you may pay by check one month and credit card the next.

Billing Period

Your billing period begins the day that service actually starts. (You must contact us to discuss your requirements and make a payment before service can actually start.) Thereafter, you will be invoiced either monthly or annually, depending on your plan. Invoices will be sent to your designated billing email address. We do not send invoices via postal mail. Invoices will normally be sent approximately two weeks before your anniversary date. The statement will include charges for the current billing period, new services added since the previous statement, and charges for any prior month overages of disk space or data transfer.

Refunds and Adjustments

Refunds and adjustments will be made either by a transfer of funds to your PayPal account (if you have one), by a credit toward your fees for the following billing period, or by oneIgloo company check.

Your Responsibilities

If you are unable to pay your bill on time, contact us at We understand that such situations arise and will work with you.

Please be sure that we have a current and working email address for you. This address will receive all bills and notices. To update your email address, contact


We do not keep any credit card information on file and all payment transactions are made from a secure web page accessible from My Igloo.

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