Plan Types

oneIgloo currently offers four plan types: Baby Igloo, Iron Igloo, Dedicated Igloo, and Shared Igloo. This remainder of this page describes the latter.

Shared Igloo Monthly Hosting Plans




For each additional domain beyond 20 domains: $2 per month per domain or $20 in advance for one year (12 months).

Upgrading Your Plan

After reaching the qualifying level for a new plan, you will be credited the difference between the amount paid thus far at the higher fee (on a per-domain basis) and what you would have paid at the new level during that time.


Suppose you are initially paying for the "5 domain" plan and have only two domains. Over the next few months you add additional domains and finally need to add a 6th domain, so you start paying for the "10 domain" plan. OneIgloo will automatically credit your account for the months you were charged at the "5 domain" plan rate.

"5 domain plan" in January --> "10 domain plan" in May --> Receive credit for January through April (5 domains * 4 months * ($3.00 - $2.50) = $10)


The above allocations represent averages over the set of domains you control; there is no hard-quota per domain. So, as long as the average for your domains stays below the above allocations, you're fine. If not, the following charges apply:

Overage Pricing

Included in all plans:


To learn more, see the Getting Started page.

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