Contact oneIgloo

Network or Server Outages

Send an email to or to with at least one of the following words in the subject or body of the email: emergency, down, urgent, problem. This email will trigger an immediate paging of the on-duty operations personnel. Obviously, if you are having difficulty with an email account hosted by oneIgloo, use an outside email account to notify us of your problem.

Sign Up and Inquiries

Send an email to or call the phone number listed below. We encourage you to share your specific requirements and plans and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

Billing and Payments

If you are a current customer of oneIgloo, and have a billing or payment question or issue to resolve, send an email to

Questions and Support Requests

To ask non-billing questions of a general or technical nature, or to request support or configuration changes, send an email to All support requests sent to this email address are entered automatically into a ticket tracking system.

Phone Numbers

If you need to have a discussion over the phone (say, to explain your requirements), then call:

If you need to fax drawings or diagrams, contact us via email or voice and we'll give you our fax number.

For non-emergencies, we accept calls between the hours of 8am — 4pm M-F Eastern Time.

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