Using an SCP or SFTP Client


See WinSCP for instructions on setting up and using WinSCP.

Using SCP at the Command Line (Mac OS X, Linux, Unix)

If you're using oneIgloo's ebay image hosting services, you can transfer a file with the scp command:

   scp <file name> <account name>@<server name>:incoming/ebay

where <file name> is the name of the file to be uploaded, <account name> is your assigned account name, and <server name> is the name of your assigned image hosting server. The server will authenticate your identify by asking you for your password. As an example, if user ellen wants to upload an image file, image.gif, to her assigned image hosting server,, she can use this command:

   scp image.gif

She'll be prompted for her password. After correctly entering her password, the image file will be uploaded.

Here's an example where user bob uses the scp command to upload a file to the directory which contains the files for his web site, bobsWebSite, on the server

   scp index.html

Files which aren't to be made available on the web can be stored in the "incoming" directory. Only those files in "incoming/public_html" will be made publicly available. For example, to store private-file.txt on a oneIgloo server, but inaccessible to anyone other than yourself, use this command:

   scp private-file.txt

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