SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate (and its corresponding key) is required for secure web transactions. For the certificate to be unquestioned by the browser, it must be signed by a certificate authority that is known to the browser. oneIgloo is a Thawte reseller. Thawte is a very well-known and trusted certificate authority.

Secure transactions for oneIgloo are done using SSL and a Thawte certificate. Thawte Seal

There are several types of certificates. One consideration which is especially important from a web hosting point-of-view is whether or not SSL-protected subdomains will be required. A subdomain has a web address like, where the main address might be Thawte (among others) offer wildcard SSL certificates.

Please contact oneigloo if you need help in deciding what type of certificate would be best for your needs.

Basic Outline of the Process

To obtain a certificate signed by Thawte, the following steps are taken:

  1. oneIgloo generates a CSR (Certifcate Signing Requrest) and a private key.
  2. oneIgloo submits the CSR to Thawte. Thawte verifies that:
  1. oneIgloo installs the signed SSL certificate and the private key onto the web server.

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