Ebay Image Howto

There are three steps.

  1. Upload the Images to oneIgloo

    Your images should be uploaded to the incoming/ebay directory of your home directory (the directory "incoming" contains a directory "ebay") of your assigned server. Use an SCP client to upload your image files. See the Using SCP and SFTP page for more information.

  2. Reference the Images in Your Ebay Item Listing

    When specifying the "Pictures & Item Details", click on the "Your web hosting" tab in the "Add Pictures" section. In the "Picture Web address" field, enter:

       http://oneigloo.com/ebay/<your ebay id>/<image file name>

    where <your ebay id> is your ebay id and <image file name> is the actual image file name. For example, a customer whose ebay id is flyingpanda would specify the following web address to have ebay retrieve the image openbsd2.jpg from oneIgloo:

  3. Credit oneIgloo

    To credit oneIgloo for image hosting and to display this image: oneigloo image for ebay

    Cut-and-paste this code into the item description:

        <p>Image hosting services provided by
        <a href="http://oneigloo.com/ebay.html">
        <img src="http://oneigloo.com/images/ebay.gif"
        align="middle" border=0
        alt="oneigloo image for ebay" /></a></p>

    This image meets ebay's 88x33 size requirement for third-party acknowledgements, credits and links.

    Don't forget to click on the "Save Your Changes" button and the "Submit Revisions" button (if you're modifying an existing listing).

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