Domain Registration

You'll first need to determine which registrars can register your domain name. For generic top-level domains (com, net, org), see ICANN-Approved Registrars. For other domains, see Domain name registries around the world.

To register a domain name, you must provide contact information for the Registrant (the owner of the domain), and three others: the Administrative, Billing, and Technical contacts. The Registrant, and the Administrative and Billing contacts should be you (or your designees) — not oneigloo. You may, if desired, specify oneigloo as the Technical Contact. If you need to register or transfer a domain name, we suggest pairNIC or Gandi as excellent registrars. We like pairNIC and Gandi for their competence and their easy-to-use web interfaces and responsive customer support.

For more information regarding pairNIC, see the pairNIC Home Page. In particular, see pairNIC Pricing and pairNIC Services.

For more information regarding Gandi, see the Gandi Main Page. Gandi's page on Top Level Domains (TLDs) is very informative, and has links to pages listing all of the various country and generic TLDs.

If you choose to register your domain name with pairNIC, begin the process by using the form below, otherwise, to register with Gandi, start from the Gandi Main Page and select the CREATE YOUR DOMAIN or TRANSFER link. Regardless of the registrar you choose, if you have no technical personnel, you may wish to specify oneIgloo as the Technical Contact. This information may be obtained from On the page, enter in the search field, and view the Whois output. Copy the Technical Contact information.

If you choose to register your domain with pairNIC:

You'll be asked if this is your first pairNIC registration; answer accordingly. When asked for the Technical Contact information, you may enter the same information specified for (see above).

pairNIC Domain Registration

Enter a Domain Name*:

Register the Domain Name
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*(A domain name must be 64 characters or less, including the top-level domain such as ".com" at the right-most part of the name. A domain name may consist of letters, numbers, and, anywhere except the first and last positions, the dash, "-", character.)

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